10 Best Professional Hair Bleaches for 2022

Blonde. It’s a hair color that many of us have had some experience with at some point. Whether you’re dreaming of platinum locks or just want to bleach your dark hair to prepare it for another color, finding the right hair products isn’t easy. Dying your own hair can be nerve-wracking, so it’s important that you’re using the right resources. Here is a round-up of some of the best hair bleaches out there to cater for every hair type.

10 Best Professional Hair Bleaches for 2022

1. Manic Panic Flash Lightning Kit 30 Vol

Manic Panic are a popular brand in the haircare industry when it comes to fun, wacky hair colours, so it’s no surprise that they produce a brilliant hair bleach. This lightening kit, which is intended for preparing the hair to be dyed a brighter colour, claims to lift hair up to five levels.

Many users find that the formula is powerful and is suitable for lightening darker hair, all within an environmentally-friendly, affordable product.

As it comes in a kit containing either 30 or 40 volume developer, this kit is suitable for thicker hair too, and can be customised to suit your hair type.

What we liked

  • Vegan
  • Cruelty-free formula
  • Kit contains everything you need
  • Affordable price point

What could be improved

  • The box doesn’t contain much product



2. L’Oréal Paris Colorista Effect Bleach Lightening Kit

Another big name in the beauty industry, this hair lightening kit from L’Oréal Paris is a gentle hair bleach option that is suitable for damaged hair as it reduces further breakage. This is thanks to the ammonia-free formula, which has been carefully developed to protect hair and reduce nasty odours during the lightning process.

Some customers find that the product can turn out a little patchy with use, so it’s important to mix the product in a bowl with a brush, instead of shaking the ingredients together.

Because this doesn’t yield the strongest results, it’s more effective when used on lighter hair colours as well as thinner hair, as those with darker hair may require something stronger. Alternatively, you could repeat the lightning process until you reach your desired shade.

What we liked

  • Ammonia-free
  • Easy to use
  • Gentle hair bleaching

What could be improved

  • Isn’t the strongest bleaching product on the market



3. Jolen Creme Bleach Original

When bleaching your hair, you can often find that your eyebrows are left too dark, which looks unnatural. It’s time to say goodbye to dark brows with this cream bleach from Jolen, which is suitable for use on facial hair and the body.

Not only can it be used to lighten your brows, but it can also be used to disguise dark body hair, if you choose to, as well as hair on the upper lip.

Keep in mind that it won’t work very well for the hair on your scalp, though!

What we liked

  • Can be used on the face, brows, and body hair
  • Suitable for all hair and skin types
  • Fast action

What could be improved

  • Can be slightly irritating for sensitive skin
  • Isn’t effective for lightening hair on your scalp



4. Schwarzkopf Blonde Me Bond Enforcing Premium Lightener

If you’re on the hunt for professional hair bleach, this one won’t let you down. It’s incredibly strong, lifting hair by up to nine levels, without being overly harsh on the scalp.

While the bleach powder doesn’t come with any developer, both the 20 and 30 Volume developers from the same brand work well with the powder, depending on the results you’re looking for.

It’s a great option for those with a little more experience with hair bleach, as it requires some additional skill and knowledge, but produces immaculate results. You can even achieve a light blonde on dark, virgin hair.

What we liked

  • Gives up to nine levels of lift
  • Contains anti-yellow agents
  • Has a flexible mixing ratio
  • Professional product
  • Good for dark hair

What could be improved

  • Doesn’t contain developer
  • Slightly higher price point



5. Wella Blondor Multi-Blonde Lightening Powder

Once again, this is another hair bleach that is suitable for professional use, and yields impressive results, especially when lightening virgin hair.

It’s a dust-free bleach powder that can be mixed with any developer to suit your preference, and this makes it another product that is best used by those with slightly more expertise. However, it can still be used at home, once you do some research about which developer to use.

Thanks to the anti-yellow formula, you can achieve the perfect cool blonde from just a single treatment with this bleach.

For best results, mix with the brand’s Welloxon Peroxide Developer, which comes in a variety of volumes.

What we liked

  1. Contains anti-yellow molecules
  2. Lightens up to seven levels
  3. Professional formula
  4. Can be mixed to your preference
  5. Good for dark hair

What could be improved

  • Doesn’t contain developer



6. Jerome Russel Bblonde High Lift Powder Bleach

Suitable for bleaching blonde to medium brown hair, this ammonia-free powder bleach is perfect for creating a professional experience in your own home.

It’s easy to use and can be effective for touching up roots as well as adding highlights in the hair, as it’s a controllable formula.

Because this product doesn’t come with a developer, you can select one yourself A 40 volume developer is suitable for use by those with thick, or curly hair. Anyone with fairer, thinner hair should opt for a 10 or 20 volume developer to mix with the bleach powder, instead.

What we liked

  • Great for lighter hair
  • Ammonia free
  • Keeps hair healthy
  • Suitable for thick hair

What could be improved

  • Need to purchase more peroxide
  • Not as effective for darker hair



7. Garnier Nutrisse Bleach Hair Dye Permanent with Anti-Yellow

If you’re looking for the best hair bleach to use on your thick hair, this is a good choice, as it’s satisfied many other customers, even those with black hair.

As well as lightening the hair colour, this bleaching product also provides hair with essential nourishment, as it contains avocado, olive and shea oils to aid the hair in repairing itself, and preventing damage as a result of lightning.

What we liked

  • Affordable
  • Lightens up to eight levels
  • Works on thick hair

What could be improved

  • May require more than one treatment to lighten dark hair



8. Crazy Colour Bleaching Kit

Crazy colour are known for the bold coloured hair dyes they produce, and this hair bleach lightens hair to prepare it for the perfect application of any colour you choose. It can even effectively lighten dark hair, as well as dyed hair, to leave the ideal shade for your next hair colouring adventure.

One thing worth noting is that there isn’t a huge amount of product in each pack and those with thick hair especially, may need to purchase more than one.

The consistency is known to come out thick, and a good way to work with this is to add a small amount of shampoo and mix it into the hair bleaching product to thin the formula down.

What we liked

  • Great to prepare for colour
  • Peroxide free
  • Cruelty-free
  • Doesn’t damage hair

What could be improved

  • Packs don’t contain much product
  • The formula is slightly thick



9. L’Oréal Paris Oreor 20 Volume Cream Developer

We’ve seen lots of different bleach powders, all of which must be mixed with a creme developer, and this is a 20 Volume developer to consider.

While some people choose to use this is creme alone to lighten their hair, it mixes well with powder bleach to form a bleach which can be easily applied to the hair strands and leaves a uniform colour in the hair once developed.

However, it’s worth considering that this is a 20 volume developer, which makes it useful for hair of average thickness, but those with more delicate hair, such as grey hair, should opt for a 10 Volume developer. And, in order to see results in thicker hair, go for a 30 or 40 volume product.

What we liked

  • Affordable
  • Easy to use
  • Doesn’t leave patchiness

What could be improved

  • Works better for fairer and mid-thickness hair



10. Schwarzkopf Igora Vario Bleaching Treatment

Once again, Schwarzkopf pulls through with another unbeatable dust-free bleach powder which is a hairdresser’s dream to work with, and you can use to lighten your hair at home.

Although it’s another product that doesn’t come with a developer, it gives you the freedom to choose whichever product works best for you, and Schwarzkopf’s own Volume 20 or 30 developer works impressively

Another great benefit of this hair bleach is that it can lift your hair by up to seven levels, meaning it’s also suitable for dark hair, and won’t leave you with a nasty yellow finish – the end result is a cool-toned blonde without using toner.

What we liked

  • Provides up to seven levels of lift
  • Dust-free formula
  • Professional treatment
  • Flexible use

What could be improved

  • Doesn’t come with a developer
  • requires some more experience



The Verdict

Now that we’ve seen all of these hair bleach kits and products, it’s time to evaluate which one’s right for you.

For dark hair, the main goal is to find something which lifts hair multiple levels without turning a yellow hue, and our recommendations are the Scharzkopf Blonde Me Bond Enforcing Premium Lightener and the Wella Blondor Multi-Blonde Lightening powder. Both of these can be mixed with a developer of your choice, which also makes them more customisable for thicker hair types.

When we look at hair health, the best product for the job is the Jerome Russel Bblonde High Lift Powder Bleach, as it’s ammonia-free yet effective, especially when used with the corresponding cream peroxide

And finally, the Jolen Creme Bleach Original is the best product out there when it comes to lightening facial and body hair, as it’s gentle, easy to use, and reliable.

Frequently Asked Questions

Does bleach damage hair?

If you’ve ever considered bleaching your hair before, you’ve probably heard that bleach is damaging to your hair, and many people may even try to warn you against ‘ruining’ your natural hair.

The truth is that the bleaching process can be damaging for your hair, as it requires invading the hair cuticles in order to remove the melanin (pigment) from the hair strands. As a result of this, your hair is more prone to hair breakage and more vulnerable against external factors, such as weather and UV rays.

However, hair bleaching doesn’t have to be the be-all-and-end-all of your hair’s health, and it is possible to have healthy hair, even after it’s been bleached. With correct care and condition, as well as using the best hair bleach, you can achieve your desired hair color, as well as preserving its condition.

What do I need to bleach hair?

If you’re bleaching your hair at home, it’s obvious that you’ll need to have the correct equipment on hand, as bleaching powder alone won’t be enough to take you through the entire bleaching process.

Firstly, it’s important to have an old towel on hand, which you don’t mind staining, as hair bleach can be a little messy, and this towel will be important for wiping any spills, as well as resting on your shoulders to protect your clothes.

Another tool worth having on hand is a mixing tub, which will allow you to mix the bleach with the developer, and a tint brush will give you a more effective application, along with hair clips to section your locks.

Finally, a pair of plastic gloves will prevent any hair bleach staining your hands, and a plastic cap can be useful for placing over your head while the bleach develops, and insulates the scalp to speed up the process.

How can I stop hair turning yellow?

one of the most common, yet most dreaded, bleached hair fails is the final result coming out a brassy yellow tone, which no-one wants. If you’re looking to reach a cool, platinum blonde tone, it’s a good idea to know how to avoid warm tones.

Firstly, using the best hair bleach will already give you an advantage, as the product you use plays a large role in how it turns out.

You can also use a toner after bleaching your hair to balance out any warm tones using the cool tones of the product, and regularly use a purple shampoo to keep this up.

If you want to bleach dark hair, there is also a chance of the process resulting in orange hair, but this is easy to avoid. Generally, this is due to a lack of time developing the colour You may need to leave the hair bleach on for longer, or even do a few rounds of hair bleaching to get the desired blonde hair.

Do I need to use bleach to lighten hair?

Of course, we all know that bleach is one way to make your hair blonde, but are there any other methods you can use to achieve light hair?

You can always opt for more natural methods to bleach your hair, using ingredients such as lemon juice, baking soda and other home remedies to bleach your hair.

However, those with black or dark brown hair may find that home remedies won’t be as effective as a hair bleach kit, and will take a long time to product results.

Which type of bleach is best for dark hair?

It’s clear that the darker your natural hair is, the more difficult it is to lighten, so it’s particularly important that those with dark hair select the best hair bleach for them, in order to yield the best results.

When looking for a bleach for dark hair, it’s important to find something which can lighten a large number of levels in just one use of the hair lightener. Something powerful, such as the Schwarzkopf Blond Me Bond Enforcing Premium Lightener will provide the best results with minimal damage.

It’s also important to keep in mind that different hair types will require different hair bleaching products, as a powder lightener will need to be mixed with different developers in order to work for different hair types.

Final thoughts

It’s easy to see that there are so any products out there which can help you to achieve the platinum tresses of your dreams, and now you know which ones are the most effective.

It’s important to know what you’re doing when bleaching your hair, so be sure to take our tips from today, and even complete some of your own research into the best way to lighten your hair.

Remember, providing your hair with much needed nutrients and preserving its natural oils as much as possible will keep it healthy. Healthy hair will stay shinier and thicker, and it’ll make your new colour look even better.

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