The Best Hooded Hair Dryer: Our Top Picks

Natural hair has its fair share of challenges.  One of the biggest is stopping it from drying out.

But when it comes to drying your hair, you most likely encounter difficulties in keeping the moisture locked in.

That’s where a hooded dryer comes in.

But with so many hooded dryers on the market, how do you choose the perfect one that fits the bill?

Well, fret not!

After several days of extensive testing and research, we’ve put together this ultimate list of the best hooded hair dryers on the market today.

Best Hooded Hair Dryers: Our Top Picks

1. Glow By Daye Bonnet Hood Hair Dryer – Best Overall

Although not strictly a dryer itself, this hood attachment connects with any regular hairdryer to turn it into a salon-quality hooded dryer.

Over 770 independent women have reviewed it, scoring it higher than all of the other products on our list.

And, as it’s so well priced, we have no hesitation in making it our Number One Pick!

The bonnet hood, which is made by Glow By Daye, has some excellent features.

First, it has a drawstring that allows you to adjust the bonnet, and also a chin strap to keep it secured.

As you need to make sure that the hood stays on your head for the best results, these two features really do help.

The hose collar can be adjusted to accommodate any type of conventional dryer, which is a nice touch.

Once attached to your dryer it’s very easy to use, and the hose attachment gives you the freedom to move around while you use it.

Highly Recommended.

What we liked about this hair dryer

  • It can’t be beaten in price
  • The bonnet is made from a waterproof material which is very durable
  • The hose diameter is wide, allowing hot air from your dryer to be distributed evenly
  • You can easily wash it by hand so that it’s ready to use the next time

What could be improved

  • A few users reported some quality issues with the stitching after long use



2. Laila Ali Ionic Soft Bonnet Dryer – Runner Up

One of the best things about this model is that it works with ionic technology, which prevents frizz.  So if you have curly hair, this is an excellent option for you.

It’s also the best-selling hooded dryer on the market – it has positive feedback from over 3,300 independent reviewers.

Whether you have braids or you’re using rollers, you will find that this bonnet dryer will accommodate you very well.

It comes with three heat and speed settings, so you’ll have the ability to customize your hair drying sessions for the best results.

Reviewers like the fact that it comes with a storage bag that is particularly convenient when you are traveling and want to style your hair on the go.

What we liked about this hair dryer

  • The different heat and speed settings cater to all hair types
  • The ionic technology prevents your hair from drying out
  • For making your hairstyle stay in place, the dryer comes with a handy cool setting

What could be improved

  • The cable and hose are slightly on the short side
  • It’s a bit noisy



3. Babyliss Pro Ionic Dryer – Best Value

If you’re considering a sound investment, provided that you can splurge a little, the Babyliss Pro Ionic Hard-Hat Dryer is an excellent choice.

Besides being made by a brand with a long-standing tradition in making hair care tools, it comes packed with useful features.

First of all, this model is quieter than most hooded hair dryers, an advantage that many users enjoy.

Due to the brushless motor, not only is this model quiet but it will also have a much longer lifespan compared to others.

Using ionic technology, this hair dryer ensures that your hair remains frizz-free while enhancing its natural shine.

What we liked about this hair dryer

  • The unit has an excellent quality all around, and that shows in the results you will obtain when using it
  • The input jack available is a nice touch and lets you listen to music on your MP3 player or phone
  • Due to the ionic technology, your hair will be shiny and frizz-free

What could be improved

  • It doesn’t have a timer



4. Revlon Ionic Hard Bonnet Hair Dryer

Made by a company with an excellent reputation for creating beauty products, this particular hooded dryer is a popular choice.

For a hard bonnet style model, it comes with a kinder price tag than the others, and it offers some superior advantages too.

One of its upsides is that it comes with a collapsible design that allows you to carry it around when traveling or store it away safely when not in use.

It also has a large hood that is designed to allow you to use a large set of jumbo rollers underneath without an issue.

What we liked about this hair dryer

  • It combines the advantages of a hard hat model with the convenience of a collapsible design
  • It has a cool setting, allowing you to set your style with ease

What could be improved

  • Some users may find the noise to be a bit loud



5. Nova Adjustable Hooded Floor Hair Bonnet Dryer

This unit is powerful, and, as expected for a product with 1300W, it delivers professional results.

While the cost might put a few people off from getting one, the savings on visits to beauty salons might just make it a worthwhile investment.

The bonnet part of the dryer is large enough to accommodate jumbo rollers, and we will like that everything can be adjusted to ensure the perfect drying position, be it the front piece, the height, or the bonnet itself.

A timer and temperature adjustment features make this model very convenient to use.

And you can move it around quite easily on its rollers.

What we liked about this hooded hair dryer

  • It offers the same quality as a professional unit
  • The wheels allow you to move it from one place to another
  • The hood also swivels for maximum convenience

What could be improved

  • Some people say that their units were delivered without instructions, so they had trouble putting them together



6. Beaute Seoul Soft Bonnet Hooded Hair Dryer Attachment

Women with a lot of voluminous hair, as well as those who like using rollers to obtain waves and curls, will love this hair dryer attachment.

Using a flexible hose that lets you move your head, it appears quite easy to use.

A Velcro strap ensures that you will be able to connect the bonnet easily to your regular hairdryer. A drawstring and a chin strap are included for easy adjustments.

A storage bag is included with your purchase, which means that no matter where you want to go, you can take it with you should you need it.

Unlucky not to be named in or top 3 and available at a great price.

What we liked about this hooded hair dryer

  • It adjusts easily so that it can accommodate a lot of natural hair or jumbo rollers
  • It packs away easily and can be carried around in the storage bag
  • The overall quality appears to be quite sturdy

What could be improved

  • The heat is not distributed evenly if you don’t attach it properly




7. Tourmaline Tools 1059 by Hot Tools Professional

This dryer is advertised as being more than just a regular hooded dryer, as it uses a pre-moisture system that makes it more like a spa for your hair.

Using the advanced technologies called tourmaline and ionic, this system delivers excellent results by locking your hair’s natural moisture in place.

With different speed and heat options, it allows you to customize the hair drying process, for better results, and a wider range of styling options.

When you need to store the unit away the legs can be detached which we really like. It also has an adjustable stand and lint filter.

What we liked about this hooded hair dryer

  • It uses advanced technologies, like tourmaline and ionic, to deliver anti-frizz results
  • Its fast action is great thanks to the 1875 watt output
  • The wheels can be either locked in place or removed for your convenience

What could be improved

  • The pedestal isn’t the most stable of designs



8. Malungma Bonnet Hood Hair Dryer

Another hair dryer attachment that helps you get the same advantages of a hooded dryer, without spending huge amounts of money is this model from Malungma.

People with slightly larger heads or a lot of hair will find it quite easy to use.

As expected from this type of attachment, it comes with some adjustable features, such as a drawstring and a chin strap, so keeping it in place shouldn’t be a problem.

A closer look will reveal some tiny holes that allow great heat distribution for maximum results.

Your hair will definitely be grateful for the treatment if you go with this one.

What we liked about this hooded hair dryer

  • As a dryer attachment, it performs well, and it delivers good results
  • Designed explicitly for naturally curly hair, it has a proper ventilation system in place
  • With its help, you will be able to cut down the time it takes to condition your hair

What could be improved

  • For people with smaller heads, it can be a loose fit



9. Conair Pro Style Bonnet Hair Dryer

One thing that people like about this product is that the hood is large enough to accommodate large rollers. That also means that having natural hair will not be a problem when you want to use this dryer to get good results.

It is very powerful, at 1875 watts, so you don’t have to wait too long for your hair to dry.

It cannot be overlooked that this model is decently priced for what it does.

You can adjust the airflow depending on your demands, and you will notice that the hot air is distributed evenly so that you don’t experience problems with hot spots or uneven drying.

What we liked about this hooded hair dryer

  • The heat settings come in handy for styling options
  • Its extra-large bonnet accommodates all types of rollers
  • This unit has a 6-foot cord that stores inside the base, making it a convenient choice

What could be improved

  • It’s quite loud
  • The height is not easy to adjust



10. Salon Sundry Professional Bonnet Style Hood

This unit offers a few significant benefits. For instance, it lets you adjust the height from 50 inches to 64 inches, and it’s surprisingly lightweight for a professional class hooded dryer.

Whenever you want to apply a hair treatment and help it set this product will deliver.

The hood is large so that you can use it with large rollers without a problem. It’s also a lot quieter than other similar products, which is a huge bonus if you plan on using it at home.

The temperature can be adjusted up to 165F. The height is adjustable, as already mentioned, and, overall this model is very convenient to use.

What we liked about this hooded hair dryer

  • For a frizz-free experience, this unit delivers silky strands and promotes the natural shine of your hair
  • It has an adjustable timer that runs for up to 60 minutes
  • The swivel casters let you move the dryer around with ease

What could be improved

  • The stand isn’t the sturdiest



Types Of Hooded Dryers

One of the first things that women with natural hair should learn about hooded dryers is that they come in two different types: those with soft hoods and those with hard hats.

Soft Hooded Dryers

The soft hooded type have a hood attached via a hose to the central unit.

Hot air is transmitted from the central unit to the hood, which is placed over your hair.

One great thing about these hoods is that they cover your entire head, and you can adjust them quite easily, depending on how much hair you have.

You will get great coverage for your hair, so you won’t have to worry about some of it being exposed to the outside air, which could dry it out.

The flexible hose attachment allows you to move your head, rather than sitting rigid under a traditional dryer.

One thing you’ll definitely like about these types of dryer is that they are super-easy to use, and they’re actually made for home use.

And they tend to have low wattage, which means that you don’t need to worry about the utility bills.

The Hard Hat Type

These may be more familiar to you, as they are the type that you find in beauty salons.

As expected, these units have a lot more power, and they work quite quickly.

Professionals use them, so, if you want to get the same care for your hair at home, you could opt for one of these.

Hard hats come in a few different versions. Some come with a stand that can be placed on the floor.  Some are wall-mountable, whilst others are tabletop models.

The most significant advantage of these types of hooded dryer is the quality of the results that they can deliver.

They can be a bit pricey, but if you invest in one you’ll be able to cut the costs of visiting the salon, and should get salon-quality results too.

What Should You Look For In A Hooded Dryer?

Your natural hair can benefit significantly from a hooded dryer, as it helps it maintain its natural shine, and makes it stronger, as well.

While you are shopping for this type of unit, you should consider a few important features and advantages, to make sure that you are getting the best model for your money.

Here are the recommendations we offer to maximize your chances of purchasing the right unit for caring properly for your natural hair.

What wattage is recommended?

One thing you will notice is that the soft hood and hard hat models have different wattages.

The natural temptation is to consider that models with a higher wattage are more efficient, given that they have more power. Yet, that is not a rule set in stone.

Here is how you should make your choice.

The soft hood models should have wattage between 500W and 800W, while hard hat models should have wattage between 1200W and 1900W.

That is enough for exploiting at maximum the wattage power so that you get results within a reasonable time frame.

How large is the bonnet or hood?

Women with natural hair usually have a generous mane so their primary concern is being able to find a hooded dryer that can accommodate that.

It is a wise idea to search for a model with a bonnet that is large enough for your head and hair.

In case you are using rollers, again, you should check the details offered by the manufacturers in regards to the hood size.

Ionic technology for less frizz

Many women with natural hair complain about the fact that their hair tends to become dry and coarse when drying it with a regular hairdryer.

A bonnet model will solve this issue partially, by controlling the airflow and distributing the heat evenly.

But it does an even better job if it comes equipped with ionic technology.

What does this technology do? Basically, it helps to preserve the natural moisture of the hair, and it doesn’t allow heat to attack the follicles, something that usually causes frizz.

If you want to enjoy having beautiful silky strands, this technology can help you obtain precisely that.

Adjustment options

If you need a hooded dryer for setting your hairstyle in place, or for helping you with hair treatments, some adjustment options are nice to have.

Being able to adjust the heat and speed will help you customize the drying process for better results.

Also, it helps to have a cool shot option in place, as this can bring out the natural shininess of your hair.

By switching to a cool shot when your hair is almost dried, you will be able to prevent over-drying it.

Why Should You Opt For A Hooded Dryer For Black Hair?

Natural hair has its fair share of challenges. For starters, it tends to get quite dry, and that is why extra care is recommended, especially during the cold season.

Women with black hair are advised to keep well hydrated, have plenty of vitamins and minerals in their diet, and, last, but not least, to avoid exposing their hair to excessive heat.

This is where hooded dryers come into play.

They offer you the possibility to treat your hair the right way.

Because they cover your entire head, the flow of hot air is blown evenly, and you can avoid over-dryness by using such a dryer for its gentle action.

If extra features, like the ones mentioned earlier, are present, that’s even better.

Using Hooded Dryers With Hair Treatments

For natural hair, it is beneficial to opt for hair treatments that help with in-depth nourishing.

A hooded dryer will assist with the absorption of nutrients, and you will notice differences in how your hair looks.

So, a hooded dryer can be considered a great help in caring for your hair in more ways than one.

How To Use A Hooded Dryer For Optimal Results

It is essential that you get to enjoy all the benefits already mentioned while making the best of the hooded dryer you are using.

Here is some basic advice on how to use a hooded dryer for black hair so that your hair looks beautiful, free of frizz, and overall healthy and shiny.

First things first, use products that are specially designed for washing and conditioning natural hair.

They will help to provide the cleaning agents needed for de-cluttering your hair of all the build-up that occurs when using styling products, as well as that caused by pollution and other external factors.

Also, a good conditioner can work wonders for your hair, by supplying it with the needed nutrients to thrive.

After patting your hair with a towel, separate it into sections, as that will help with the drying process.

Once you start using a hooded dryer, make sure that you increase the temperature slowly, but do not keep it at the maximum for long.

Start decreasing it gradually, until your hair is almost completely dry.

Then, use the cool shot setting to set your hairstyle in place, and also to ensure that your hair looks shiny and free of frizz.

Best Brands


Over more than 100 years dedicated to beauty products equal the long history of Revlon, a company well known for launching brands that are synonymous to quality above all else. While for a long time, the company wasn’t interested in expanding its horizons beyond beauty products, more recently, it invested in professional tools, as well.

Their hooded dryers are now sold all over the world, and the same dedication to including modern technologies and engineering advancements in their products is used to deliver their clients high-quality items.


Today, Conair is the name behind many well-known brands that cater to various fields, from kitchen utensils and professional beauty tools. Conair’s beginnings, in 1959, are, however, tied to the area of hair appliances, so, it should come as no surprise that they are also making excellent hooded dryers.

The creators of the pistol-style hair dryer that revolutionized the world of hairstyling in the 60s, the people at Conair remain dedicated to the same mission of bringing excellent products to end-users.


Now part of the parent company Conair, Babyliss is a brand that stands for everything one would need in one dedicated to beautiful hair. A creator of hairdryers and other hair-related products, the company was coming to life in 1961, in Paris, France.

You can find anything you need for taking care of your hair and styling it in the vast array of products and accessories offered by Babyliss, including hooded dryers that cater to users with natural hair.

Frequently Asked Questions About Hooded Dryers

Q – What are the main differences between a hooded dryer and a conventional one?

A – There are many reasons why a hooded dryer is better for you than a conventional one, especially if you have natural hair. If you’re using a traditional hair dryer, the outside air will have a disruptive role, and it will blow away the moisture that you need to keep inside, to keep your beautiful ethnic hair silky and beautiful.

Also, a hooded dryer is better for you because it distributes the heat evenly and it doesn’t let it act directly on your hair, as a conventional dryer would. That further helps to keep your hair in excellent shape and protected from burns and all the negative consequences that come along.

Q – What’s better: a soft hood or a hard hat?

A – If you have already looked at our section on types of hooded dryers, you are already familiar with terms like ‘soft hood’ and ‘hard hat’. We will now focus a little on which one should be considered better. Although hard hats have their fair share of advantages, soft hoods have some significant benefits.

They use less wattage, they tend to be less noisy, and they can accommodate even the largest rollers available. Also, they are travel-friendly, unlike hard hats that have a bit of footprint and need a special place in your home.

Q – Do hair conditioning treatments work better with a hooded dryer?

A – Using hair treatments is essential for women with natural hair. In-depth conditions, in particular, can prevent dryness, and also ensure that the hair looks shiny and healthy. But even the best hair treatments can offer better results than usual if you use a hooded dryer, too.

According to studies, it appears that bringing the temperature of the conditioning lotions to body temperature helps with better absorption. This is where the gentle action of a hooded dryer can genuinely help. By getting the conditioning treatments warm under the action of hot air, a hooded dryer enables you to make the best of the treatment you’re applying to your hair.

Wrapping it Up

Caring for your natural hair should not be a challenge.  If you struggle to maintain your hair’s natural moisture when drying, then investing in a hooded dryer would be a good idea. They’re great at locking in the moisture in your hair follicles so that your hair stays beautiful and shiny.

Hopefully, our guide has helped you to decide on a dryer that’s right for you.

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