Black Lightning Cast Coil Beauty Shopping List

With season two of our favorite Freeland superheroes underway, we took the time to be beauty consultants for our favorite Black Lightning characters. From curls to bold short styles, we have the perfect products to maintain the perfect hairdo.

Let’s start with the ladies!

Anissa Pierce aka Thunder is a BOLD character with bold curls to match! To maintain these curls during a busy week of teaching part time at Garfield High School, medical school by day and fighting crime by night, the Mielle Organics Honey and Ginger styling gel will keep those styles in tact so nothing can hold her back!   

Jennifer Pierce, a sassy teen who is just discovering her superpowers, still enjoys being a high schooler and wants nothing than to live a normal life. To make life a bit easier for Jennifer we suggest the Limegreen Multi-Wash! This product not only cleans the skin, hair and body; but it’s also vegan. Jennifer will get to enjoy her life being on the go with friends without the hassle of dealing with multiple products.

Lynn Stewart, mother to both Anissa and Jennifer is a powerful neuroscientist with an even more powerful bold cut. As a gorgeous mother of two and ex wife to Black Lightning himself, the Girl + Hair Clarifying Apple Vinegar Rinse would be perfect to stimulate her hair and scalp with the heavy load she carries with such an electrifying family.

Alright fellas, we haven’t forgotten about you!

Jefferson Pierce aka Black Lightning plays the role of Garfield Highschool’s principal, a notable person in the community, all while secretly fighting crime in Freeland as Black Lightning. The Scotch Porter Beard Wash can keep Mr. Pierce’s beard cleansed in between the business suit and superhero suit.  


Khalil Payne aka Painkiller, who goes from Garfield High’s star athlete to Tobias Whale’s newest prodigy as a villain, switches it up by the time he becomes “Painkiller” and grows dreads by the end of the season. We hope to see Khalil return to the good side next season, but until then we suggest he use  Soultanical’s Cant Beileve It’s Knot Butta hair butter to maintain moisture in between re-twist appointments.

We can't wait to see all of the gorgeous kinks and curls with the series’ return yesterday October 9th, and we know you’ll be glued to your TV just like us to catch the entire second season of Black Lightning.  Let us know if you try out any of the suggested products!


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