Relaxed Hair & Growth

When it comes to relaxing or "chemically treating" your hair, it can become damaging when you don't go about it the right way. When most moms took their daughter's to get their first relaxer, it did not come with instructions on how to keep it healthy. You get the "make sure to do this every 6-8 weeks," "don't wash it" or "don't try this at home."  Many women don't know that there is a proper way to take care of relaxed hair because, to be honest, we were never taught how to take care of it.

Growing up having a relaxer there were times I never touched my hair in between maintenance. I would let it go until it became stiff and oily until my next hair appointment. When I did try to do my hair, it didn't always go well and the growth of my hair soon became stagnant. Luckily, with much patience and consistency and learning what my hair needed, I finally achieved my goal of reaching armpit length with relaxed hair. It was a small goal, but a goal nonetheless. Now I have my own regimen for not just long but also healthy relaxed hair (no's possible). While everyone's hair is different, there are some key factors that help relaxed hair grow.

1. Water
I know this is said a lot, but it's true, water does work. Water is essential to hair growth, not just because it's used to wash your hair but drinking around two liters a day strengthens the hair shaft. Thus giving it enough strength to grow. Dehydration is what can make your hair growth stagnant and can cause dandruff; a hydrated scalp keeps dandruff away. 

2. Massage Your Scalp
Massaging your scalp helps to stimulate it. I would focus on this at night more than anything else since that is the time when you see most of your growth results. Try our luxe therapy scalp soother to help massage your scalp

3. Moisturize...but not too often
Believe it or not, you can put too much moisture in your hair. Try not to overdo it when it comes to moisturizing your roots or scalp. For me, I try every other day or every two days depending on the style that I'm rocking. 

4. Deep Condition 
Deep Conditioning is key.  Some people do it weekly while others may do it every other week. Overall, what is best for you and what you are comfortable with but deep conditioning is essential. Since your hair is getting stripped of its natural oils, it's crucial to have a reconstructing conditioner to put some of that moisture back in your hair. Some great deep conditioners that we have on the site are the MIELLE ORGANICS Babassu Oil & Mint Deep Conditioner and THE MANE CHOICE Ancient Egyptian Anti-Breakage & Repair Antidote Hair Mask

5. Hair Supplements
No one has to use them, but they do help. Many hair supplements carry vitamins that are not just good for hair but also for the body. Also, many daily vitamins have the same substances that help your hair to grow, for example, biotin pills. Taking specific vitamins overall can help when it comes to hair growth. I recently used The Mane Choice Manetabolism Healthy Hair Vitamins and my hair has definitely grown. Not just fuller, but thicker as well.

These are some of the critical factors that can help when it comes to relaxed hair. What are some tips you can give to help grow relaxed hair? Have you experienced stagnancy in your hair growth? Tell us about it!

Peace and Blessings,

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