Let's Talk About Moisture!

It's that time of year! Time for your favorite riding boots, dark lipsticks and the thing we fear the most…DRYNESS. If you’re like me, your skin and your hair suffer the most dryness during the fall and winter seasons. Each year we stress ourselves our trying to create new routines to cope. Well fear no more! Here are some ways to hold on to that moisture.

Skin Care

  1. Don’t Skip Steps- Sometimes we’re on the go and leave the house without taking the time to nourish the skin. This creates a pattern for your skin to automatically lack moisture and glow.
  2. Adding Oil-  Adding oils to your body care and even your face routine can make a huge difference. Oil seals in moisture and can help balance the skin. So before bed after lathering on your favorite moisturizer add some oil. My personal favorite is coconut oil, but definitely check out our favorite multi-oil of the moment!
  3. Day and Night Routines- *sings* “I only moisturize on two occasions… that’s day and night” and you should too! Don’t just moisturize because you’re leaving the house, do it for the good of your skin. Having a routine truly helps build your skin’s health.

Hair Care

  1. Deep Condition- If it isn’t apart of your routine already, make it a priority ASAP. This is one of the most efficient ways to retain moisture in your hair during the cold months. My favorite as of right now is  MIELLE ORGANICS Babassu Oil & Mint Deep Conditioner. It gets your girl right every time.
  2. LOC Method- A YouTube naturalista’s favorite term, but it is so necessary! “L” stands for Leave-in conditioner, “O” stands for oil and “C” stands for cream moisturizer. These steps assist in moisture retention as well.
  3. Protective Styles- Whew chileeeee, whatever you do please protect your edges too but protective styles such as braids, twist, crochet, and wigs is a great way to put your hair away and allow it to grow healthy on its own. Whatever you do, don't forget under hair care while it's in these styles to ensure your hair remains healthy. 

Let’s get ready to flourish and glow this fall! No dryness formed against us shall prosper.


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