Coil Conversations: Black Hair Salons

Going to the hair salon can be quite the experience! So much of an experience that there have been movies created with the black hair salon/barbershop experience at it's core. You go for the latest gossip, update on family and friends, and of course the communal watching of our favorite shows. As much as I personally love the vibe of the black hair salon, there have also been days where I just need to be in and out. We have all been there, and if we are honest, there are a few specific pros as well as cons that come along with going to a black hair salon. Since I have been looking for a new stylist and scouting different hair salons and after talking with some friends, I have come up with a small list of observations that I have gathered while going to a black hair salon:

Your Stylist is Educated
Educated about your kind of hair. I know hairstylist go to hair school and we assume that they learn how to do all types of hair but while you would love to able to go to anyone, it feels good to know that you have someone that is educated in the kind of hair you have black hair. We as black women go through so much when it comes to our hair trusting people to know how to manage it; it’s nice to have someone educated on your hair and how to take care of it.

You Can Share Experiences
Going to a black hair salon, you tend to meet other black women who are dealing with the same thing. Then again, it’s not always about hair in the hair salon. Many times you hear women talking about how they tried a new recipe or this new work-out routine. You listen to them talking about new methods on how they disciplined their kids and how they got them to do better in school. Sure it got a bit personal at times but what I noticed about going to a black hair salon is that it can become like a community of women who can help each other.

Getting the Hook-Up on New Products
She’s a hair stylist. So she has to know about the latest products, right?  In my experience, I have been given samples or just been told about new products that were coming out that she thought would be nice for my hair as well as her other clients. I liked that she would look out for us like that because it made me feel like she really cared about not just the style of my hair but about it’s healthy as well.


Many of us tend to believe that we can multi-task, and that may be true, but not everyone has this kind of talent. When I discussed this list with a couple of friends we all had different stories about our stylists failed attempts at multi-tasking. Sometimes stylists have multiple clients and have to work on various heads for numerous styles, and I get that. However, stopping in the middle of my press n curl to start and sometimes finish another person's head is not a fun time. Or deciding to have a 20-minute phone call in the middle of washing my hair or stopping to rant about her last client is not what I signed up for, at all

Time Management
While I don’t want to stop anyone hustle and can understand how having a lot of heads to work on can be tiring but also exciting for your pockets. Getting out at six o clock when I came in at three is just exhausting in itself. It’s one thing when someone happens to schedule an appointment before you thus they are done first, but when people who came in after me are done before me, that’s a problem. I’m pretty sure there are stories we can all share about being in the salon all day or having to tell people you can’t come to an event because you were getting your hair done and you knew most likely it was going to take all day. Going to the salon can turn into an all-day thing, whether you plan it to be that way or not.

Crossing Boundaries
I spoke somewhat about this in my post about “When to Leave Your Stylist,” while listening to gossip and hearing about the exciting lives about others who are willing to share can be fun, it’s only fun when it’s not you. While going to a black hair salon can make you a bit comfortable, especially if you’ve been going to the same one for a long time. It can almost feel like a family…almost. When people start to dig into parts of your life that you would rather keep to yourself, it can tend to be overwhelming. Some feel since they choose to share a lot about their life that you should too, and that is not always the case. While I would like to believe that what is said in the salon stays in the salon, that line of thinking doesn’t entirely feel realistic.

Did you relate to any of these pros and cons? Have you experienced any of this at a black hair salon? What are some pros and cons you have experienced in a black hair salon? Tell us all about it!

Peace and Blessings,

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  • I agree that a significant advantage of going to a black hair salon is that the stylist is familiar with a black woman’s hair. Black hairstylist not only make you look phenomenal, but they treat your hair phenomenally, well some. A lot of stylists forget in trying to make you look great to care for your hair; instead, they treat it harshly resulting in damage. It makes the world of difference when the hairstylist is knowledgeable about the hair as well as values the importance of caring for the hair. Plus everyone should experience having their hair did at a black hair salon; it’s an experience from the time you walk in to the time you walk out.


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