Deep Conditioning is the Key to any Wash Day

Wash day happens to all of us, so instead of avoiding it like the plague...which I am sometimes guilty of doing, let's break down one of the most critical tasks: deep conditioning. Given my hair is chemically processed, many of the nutrients and natural oils are stripped away, so I am constantly on the hunt for products to help replenish. Even with a perm, I want my hair to continue to grow and keep my scalp and strands healthy. Let's break down some of the best conditioners Coil Beauty has to offer. 

MIELLE ORGANICS Babassu Oil & Mint Deep Conditioner has peppermint in it to help focus on restoring hair growth. Plus, you are sure to get that fabulous tingly feeling as soon as you start massaging it into your scalp. Following the process up with the mint almond oil  is a sure fire way to help reinvigorate the scalp. The MANE CHOICE Ancient Egyptian Anti-Breakage & Repair Antidote Hair Mask  is made for ALL hair types. Yes it may add a bit more time to your routine, but I promise a mask with a focus on breakage is always worth the time under the dryer or shower cap. CAMILLE ROSE Algae Renew Deep Conditioner is probably the heartiest of the three. It's thick, creamy, and has all the right ingredients to meet the renew expectations.

Do any of you use any of these products? Do you have any favorites that you don't see? For me I've got some ORS products that always fit the bill so our Coil Beauties are on the hunt. As always, make sure to let us know what you are looking for @coilbeauty so we can always be your first stop. 

Peace and Blessings,


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