Body Cream vs. Body Lotion: The Ultimate Guide

Our bodies tend to become very dry in the winter period, which is why it is essential to moisturize often & properly.

If you have dry skin or if you’ve been experiencing weird dry patches lately you should start to moisturize, and you should use the right set of products for your skin type.

Women who are not too sure which solution is better for them (body cream or body lotion) will learn the main difference in this article.

Also, if any guys are reading, know that you should moisturize as well since this is the key to healthy, young-looking, and nourished skin.

What Is The Difference Between A Body Cream And A Body Lotion?

Although these two are quite similar and almost identical, they are actually made out of different substances and formulas.

Both of these products can protect our skin from environmental factors, irritations, dryness, and inflammations while leaving a hydrating and cooling feel on top of the skin for several hours during the day.

However, their main difference is in the ingredients used in their making.

Why Use A Body Lotion?

A body lotion should be used on an everyday basis as your go-to lightweight moisturizer.

It can be used all over the body but is ideal for larger surfaces that don’t require a lot of hydration (such as our back).

Body lotions have softer, lighter and a lot easier to spread texture and are usually a lot less filled with oil-based ingredients.

Why Use A Body Cream?

If your skin is quite dry, rough, thick, and not as nourished make sure you reach for a body cream.

A body cream is also often called a body butter because it is very thick in texture and very rich, intense, and isn’t as easy to spread or even sink into the skin as your body lotion.

This is because a body cream has a higher viscosity and a lot of added oils (often macadamia, almond, shea, or argan), and all of these can create a barrier that will prevent the moisture from evaporating through your pores.

What Product Should You Use?

Use a body lotion if you don’t demand a lot of moisture.

Body lotions are often some oils mixed in water that are very lightweight and non-greasy, which makes them ideal for women with oily or normal skin types.

Body lotions are usually sold in bottles and have a liquidy and easy-to-spread consistency.

Women should reach for these during the summer season when they want fast absorption, and not as much of a greasy residue on top of the skin.

Use a body cream if you demand a higher percentage of oil on your entire skin surface.

Creams are a lot thicker and they often even have a stronger scent which some women may appreciate, while others are not a fan of.

These creams typically come in a jar and are an ideal solution for dry, and thick & cracked skin.

You should reach for this product, especially in the winter, or whenever you are exposed to low temperatures.

Many dermatologists recommend that you use body lotions at night because this way they will have enough time to sink into your skin.

Where Should You Apply A Body Lotion?

Try to apply this lightweight product on your parts of the skin that aren’t as dry and that don’t demand as much moisture. For many women, those parts are usually:

  • Back
  • Shoulders
  • Necks
  • Buttocks
  • Stomach

Where Should You Apply A Body Cream?

Use your body cream when in need of extreme moisture.

In most cases, you should apply a body cream on your skin that can easily crack, such as:

  • Your feet
  • Your legs
  • Knees
  • Your hands and palms
  • Elbows
  • Neck

Important: Never use a body lotion or even a body cream on your face.

Your skin around there is quite thin, and it will demand a specific product that is suitable for your face and your skin type.

Also, try to purchase a separate undereye cream because that’s where your skin is the thinnest and super sensitive.

Body Cream Vs Body Lotion  Wrapping It Up

So you’ve heard our arguments both for and against each.  You’ve heard why to use them, how and what they’re each best for.

Now it’s up to you to choose which one is best for your needs.  Or perhaps you’ll use both.

Body cream v body lotion?  Why don’t you tell us what you find each one best for?

Let us know below.  We’d love to hear from you.

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