Frontal vs. Closure: What’s The Difference & Which Is Best?

Looking for your next wig? Or maybe you are a rookie, just starting out, and not knowing what to expect from the world of hair extensions?

Either way, wigs are a beautiful and simple solution that every woman can use. They are not harming your hair, and they are good at hiding any bald spots.

Also, a wig will help your natural hair grow healthier and shinier while still acting and feeling like your natural hair.

So, if you want to find out what solution might suit you the best, and if you can’t decide whether you should go for a frontal or a closure wig, this article will tell you all you need to know!

What’s A Closure?

A closure is a term for a hairpiece that is usually placed in the middle of your hair and is 4 inches long and wide, reminding a lot of a square.

There is a lace closure made out of lace and there is the silk closure. Both of these can suit every lady, it is all about the preference and the stacking.

For some women, a lace closure might be better for hiding the defined part, but silk is good at placing down the middle portion.

 What’s A Frontal?

A frontal piece covers your hair from ear to ear, the entire front hence the name. Usually, it is 13 inches long and 4 inches wide, ideal for quick and easy installations.

This wig doesn’t demand a lot of stacking, unlike the closure. There are three different types of a frontal: a lace frontal, a combination of silk and lace, and the third one is all silk.

What Will You Achieve With A Closure?

Closure doesn’t cover the entire head ear to ear and it will look the best once it is properly stacked. That is why it is really important to add some density.

The lace closure should have bleached knots and should be a shade or two lighter than your actual hair. This will add some dimension and density as well as realness to the outcome.

What Will You Achieve With A Frontal?

Since this is a halfway done wig you won’t need a lot of hair bundles (3-4 approx).

The frontal wig can be placed in different ways and styles while the closure cannot be placed at the back.

A lace frontal will help out with the hairline and will cover the entire ground from ear to ear, as well as 2 inches at the back.

Usually, women who have thin edges or a condition called alopecia (bald spots) usually stick with a frontal.

What’s The Difference Between A Frontal And Closure?

To fully understand the difference before making your next big purchase, here are the main differences between them:

1. Size

Closures are 4×4 inches and frontals are 13×4. Frontals are ideal for covering the entire hairline, while the closures are small enough and good at closing the installation or covering some smaller ground.

2. Material

Before making your next purchase, you should be aware of the material, and make sure you are not allergic to it. Both come in silk or lace and can come in a blend of both materials. In fact, some frontals are made out of silk in the middle while featuring lace on the ends.

3. Styling

Both will give you different styles. In fact, a lace frontal allows you to wear a pulled hairdo, while the closure will cover a small portion which won’t allow you to put your hair up on the sides without exposing the track. This is very important if you are someone who likes to switch up hairstyles on an everyday basis.

4. How To Install

These installations can be hard to achieve on your own and should be left to a professional. Both of these can be made into a full wig and can be sewed as either a removable wig or with a band which you will hide and maintain with some hair gel on your own.

A frontal wig will look and feel the most versatile, but smaller closures will allow you to do simple natural, and fuller everyday looks.

Both of these can be placed either at the front or behind your natural hairline.

5. Expense

They don’t cost the same, in fact, frontals are a lot more expensive since they are already a halfway done wig. However, closures are a lot more natural and easier to maintain.

Which One Should You Choose?

Everyone’s different and there are several things that could tip the balance.

Let’s take a look at the key issues.

Pros Of a Frontal

  • Versatile styles
  • You can experiment with your hair
  • You can wear your hair in a ponytail
  • Will let your natural hair rest
  • Will cover any bald spots

Cons Of A Frontal

  • Expensive

Pros Of A Closure

  • Protects some pieces of your hair from breakage
  • Easy everyday option
  • Looks very natural
  • Great if you have smaller and less visible imperfections

Cons Of A Closure

  • Poor options to choose from the market since it isn’t the most popular wig
  • Might take you more time to stack into a proper solution

Frontal Vs Closure: Wrapping It Up

Hopefully, that’s been a helpful overview and you have everything you need to decide whether a frontal or closure is best for you.

Let us know below which one you decided on, and how it worked out for you.

We’d love to hear from you.

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