How To Dye Weave: A Step By Step Guide

Switching our hair color and experimenting with different styles is so fun and easy, even when you have extensions or a weave!

Women love to play around with different options since they know that their wig won’t get damaged in the process.

If you are thinking about purchasing your next box of dye make sure you put on some latex gloves and enjoy the process!

Here is how to dye your weave the right way.

What Hair Type Can I Dye?

You will get the best results if you go with virgin (real hair) since it can handle most heavy chemicals, unlike synthetic.

Human weave usually comes in a medium brown color which can be colored darker or lighter, based on your preference.

Although it is a bit more expensive than the synthetic, it is an investment worth your money since the outcome is a lot more natural, as well as prettier and easier to style.

A Step By Step Guide On How To Dye Your Weave

Follow these instructions for great results:

1. Wash Your Hair

Make sure your hair is free of any product before you proceed further. Use lukewarm water and a mild shampoo to get rid of any buildup (you will have to do this even if your extensions are brand new). Towel dry your hair and remove any excess water.

2. Measure It

Make sure you know how much ground you need to cover with your hair dye. You can take a ruler and see how many inches you’ll have to color. Once you do, think about your dye and how well it will perform on your weave.

You will have to bleach your hair if you want to achieve a pale icy color, as well as any highlights, or even some funky neon options. Therefore, you will need a lot more dye in this case, as well as bleach.

3. Proper Attire

Besides your latex gloves, also make sure that your room has proper ventilation. If not, you should reach for a face mask that will help you not to inhale all the chemicals.

Get your hair dye, a plastic box, an application brush, as well as a foil. Also, old clothing items are a great idea in this case since you’ll probably make a lot of mess during the dyeing.

4. Foil

Place the extensions out on a sheet of hairdressing foil. Spread the hair out evenly and make sure that all the pieces are placed flat and that they are properly spread out.

Color the hair with the help of an application brush, and then wrap the hair up into the foil. Both a brush and the foil can be purchased in any smaller drugstore and are inexpensive. Wrap the hair up and let it sit for 15 minutes.

PS: You will get the exact instructions on how to activate the color written on the box.

5. Style It

Once you are satisfied with your outcome remove the hair from the foil and wash out the weave. Shampoo it thoroughly with cool water and make sure you don’t use any conditioners since they might absorb and destroy the color.

Leave the hair to air dry and make sure you don’t style it or expose it to a lot of heat until it is fully dry.

How To Dye Your Weave In A Darker Color

If you are thinking about going for a dark brown or even a black hair dye you should know that pretty much every step is the same as previously explained.

However, the main difference is in the waiting time.

Once your hair is covered in foil, you can also wrap it around in a plastic wrap and wait for the color to develop, which is about 25 minutes.

Every dye box is different; therefore it is essential to read the instructions for the ultimate results.

How To Bleach Your Hair

If you want to bleach your hair you should make sure that you are somewhat experienced and familiar with the process since it is a bit harder than the actual dyeing.

You should mix 2 scoops of a bleach powder with the developer in a plastic bowl. The developer will activate the bleach once they are properly mixed.

Make sure that you use the same amount of bleach as well as of your developer.

The rest of the coloring process is the same, where you will have to wrap the hair into the foil and wait for 15 minutes for the color to set.

How To Dye Weave – Q & A

Here are some of the most frequently asked questions about dye weaving:

What Products Can You Use On Your Colored Weave?

If your weave is curly make sure you use a curling mousse, as well as a moisturizing and hydrating conditioner, etc. If your hair is lightweight and straight use some texturizing foam and volumizing shampoo. Your weave can be exposed to any product, as long as it is the right kind for its type.

How Often Should You Wash It?

You should wash it 1-2 times per week.

How Long Will A Weave Last?

A typical lifespan of a weave is 6-8 weeks, and it is not recommended to leave it on for longer than 4 months. This is because your hair which is underneath the wig will need some pampering, maintaining, or even trimming. You should switch your weaves every 6 weeks, but you can dye them as often you want to.

How To Dye Weave: Wrapping It Up

Hopefully that has been a helpful overview of the process and you’re now feeling confident and ready to carry out your first dye weave.

Let us know how you get on below.  We’d love to hear from you.

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