Microblading Scabbing: How To Treat It

Getting your brows microbladed has definitely its pros, and it is a treatment often done by women with sparse, thin and uneven eyebrows.

Once you get your brows tattooed you will have them on for months and years to come.

However, what you should be well aware of is that brows can scab, and you need to take proper care of them.

Their upkeep is important, and the way you act during the first few hours after getting them done can have significant importance on the outcome.

Here’s everything that you should know about microblading scabbing.

Why Get Brows Microbladed In The First Place?

Microblading your brows is consistent with the use of color pigments and tattooing them on top of your brows in order to achieve real-life-like hairs.

Women usually get their brows microbladed because:

  • They want their brows to look darker
  • They want to make their facial features stand out
  • They want to save time when doing makeup early in the morning
  • They can’t grow out their natural eyebrows
  • They have a condition like alopecia

What Is Microblading Scabbing And Is It Normal?

Scabbing is a normal part after the microblading procedure, and it is a part of a healthy healing process, so don’t be worried or alarmed.

The scabbing process happens because of small cuts that are made into the skin, which will create small wounds (this is unavoidable).

The cuts are made on the epidermal part of the skin, meaning that they are not too deep or way too beneath your skin’s surface.

However, if you end up experiencing the latter, you should have a consultation with your brow tattoo expert or a doctor.

Scabbing is often described as having a patchy outcome for the first couple of days after the appointment.

How Long Will Microblading Scabbing Last?

This process will usually start and happen around the fifth day, and you can expect it to last up to seven days.

However, this can all vary and is different for every woman based on her skin type, brow type, and sensitivity.

In most cases, you should have scab-free eyebrows after 12 days.

During this period, it is best to avoid heavy sun exposure and workouts since your brows will need time to heal, and they will need to settle.

Can You Stop The Scabbing From Happening?

microblading scabbing questionsUnfortunately, you can’t.

This is a normal, typical, and natural process that needs to happen after you get your eyebrows microbladed.

However, with some tips & tricks, you can speed it up and go through proper recovery.

What to avoid after getting your brows done?

  • Never pick your scabs, they will fall off on their own, just give them time
  • Don’t rub them or scratch them since you will easily remove the pigment during the first few days

What you should do?

Well, there are two ways how to deal with scabs.

If you are relaxed and you have a mind of steel as well as patience, let them fall off on their own.

If not, you can always use an ointment which can help with the healing.

However, the natural process will give you better results in the end, and in the long run.

However, your tattoo artist will always tell you how to heal and how long to wait it out, as well as what is the best solution for you and your skin type.

What To Do If Your Eyebrows End Up Looking Patchy?

If your brows look uneven or patchy around the second week, you should book a consultation with your brow artist.

Chances are, you may need to get a touch-up.

Don’t book your appointment sooner than this, since two weeks need to pass before you can come back for a touch-up or consultation.

How Can You Tell A Difference Between Brow Scabbing And An Infection?

Are you experiencing heavy scabbing?

Are your eyebrows red, inflamed, as well as sensitive, and itchy?

If these symptoms are present even five days after the treatment, you may be developing and experiencing an infection.

Women who end up having an infection will also lose their pigment a lot sooner than expected.

If you notice these signs around the fifth or sixth day, give your tattoo artist a call.

How To Take Care Of Your Eyebrows The Right Way?

The Proper Healing Process

There are a lot of different stages that you can go through after going through microblading.

In some cases, brows can take 4 weeks to heal. The best way to take care of them in order to experience beautiful & long-lasting results are:

  • Wash them very gently and use antibacterial soap for 10 seconds
  • Don’t use a lot of ointment, let them naturally heal
  • Stay away from high heat, water, steam, as well as long showers & swimming sessions during the first 10 days
  • Don’t apply makeup on top of your eyebrows
  • Don’t tan for the first 4 weeks, this also applies to fake tanning
  • Stay away from facial scrubs and heavy face products
  • Don’t sleep on your face after the procedure

Microblading Scabbing: Nothing To Worry About!

As you can see, eyebrow scabbing is a normal thing, and you shouldn’t be too alarmed about it.

Just give it time, follow our advice when it comes to its upkeep and maintenance, and you’ll be loving your results in the long run!

Have you experienced microblading scabbing?

If so, how did you treat it?

Let us know below.  We’d love to hear from you.

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