Mink Vs Silk Eyelash Extensions: Which One Should You Choose?

Thinking about getting lash extensions?

They are very pretty and easy to achieve, as well as maintain if you go to the right lash expert.

Women prefer lash extensions because they are very long-lasting (can last for up 3 weeks), and they can be rocked on their own, without any eye makeup.

If you need volume overnight for a big party, wedding, or simply because you feel like it, you are at the right place.

What Are Lash Extensions?

Lash extensions are tiny little lashes that are applied individually on top of your natural lashes.

These are applied with a semi-permanent adhesive, a pair of needles, and by a certified lash expert at a beauty salon.

The process itself takes around 2 hours and it should be redone every 3-4 weeks. Women prefer lash extensions because they are low maintenance while being relatively affordable.

Once at the salon, your lash specialist will provide you with several different kinds of lash materials, such as mink, faux milk (made from faux fur) and silk lashes, and they will ask you about your wanted shape, length, and curl.

What Are Mink Eyelashes?

Mink lashes are a lot more lightweight once compared to silk lashes.

These have a matte finish and are really luxurious looking once placed on the eye.

The best kind of mink lashes are Siberian lashes and women prefer them for formal events.

However, the only con when it comes to these lash extensions is that they can lose their curl really fast and become flat.

Also, you should be really careful when purchasing these lashes if you are allergic to mink hair.

What Are Silk Eyelashes?

Silk lashes are very thin at the top but they look thick at the bottom.

Unlike mink lashes, these are very shiny and they give out a glossy appearance.

Women prefer them for their everyday activities because these can be worn to the beach and pool, and will stay intact while looking semi-natural.

If you don’t mind their glossy outcome, then you are going to enjoy these lashes.

What Is The Application Process Like?

You will have to come barefaced to the salon and lay down on a bed till they place down your lashes.

You should talk the process through with your lash expert and ask them for their advice on what might suit you best.

However, know that both lashes (mink & silk) are applied in the same way, but their main difference is in the finish.

What To Expect From Mink Lashes?

A lash expert will ask you about your wanted look.

If you prefer voluminous looks they will stack several different lashes on top of your eyelash.

However, know that the more they stack that the heavier they will feel.

If you want them to last for more than 3 weeks, you shouldn’t go too crazy with the volume.

Once they apply your lashes they will have to curl them because mink can look flat, as previously stated.

You can expect these lashes to range anywhere from $300-500.

Although this is quite expensive you have to keep in mind that the esthetician has used real mink hair, which is very high-quality.

What To Expect From Silk Lashes?

These are quite flexible and can be very curly if you want them to be.

They are very rich in color, but they have that sheen to them that can look great on older women, or simply those who are not seeking attention and who don’t want a jet matte black outcome.

Also, you can expect your silk lashes to be half the price of mink because they are very soft, affordable, and easy to get.

How To Take Care Of Your Lash Extensions?

Once you get out of the salon it is really important to keep your lashes protected from any environmental factors, such as:


Try to avoid water as well as pools, hot saunas or wind if you want all of your extensions to stay in place. The glue itself needs 48 hours to set, so make sure you are really patient and less exposed to these factors. You can shower if you have to, but do not wet your face at any point.


Once you get your lash extensions you won’t have to apply your mascara ever again! Extensions are voluminous and luscious on their own, and you should lay low on eye makeup. Besides this, it is also not recommended to wear any makeup for 48 hours until your lashes are set in place.

Don’t Play With Them

Avoid any sudden plucking, picking, or rubbing motions around your eyelids because your lashes might fall out. They are very fragile in the beginning, so it is really important to keep your hands away from your face till the glue sets.

Satin Sheets

Once you get home from your appointment get yourself the comfiest sheets, such as satin, and don’t forget the pillowcase either. Satin is great for your hair, skin, and also for your lashes since it is really comfy and soft, ideal for those with sensitive or dry skin as well.

Avoid Oil-Based Products

Lastly, try not to use any cleansers that are filled with oils in your everyday life. These products are bad for your lashes because they can separate the glue and make your lashes a lot weaker, which will cause them to fall out sooner than expected.

Mink Vs Silk Eyelash Extensions – Which Is Better?

Pros and Cons Of Mink Lashes


  • Quite sturdy & beautiful
  • Dark and matte
  • Look great once stacked voluminous


  • Expensive
  • Not the best choice if you are allergic to mink
  • Can easily become flat and lose their curl

Pros and Cons Of Silk Lashes


  • Very fluffy
  • Can look more natural and ideal for everyday wear
  • Quite sturdy
  • Affordable


  • They have a slight shine that might not look as appealing to some women
  • Not as luxurious as real mink

Mink Vs Silk Eyelash Extensions: Wrapping It Up

Hopefully, that’s been a helpful whiz through and now you’ve got a better idea of what’s best for you.

There are pros and cons to both, as we’ve seen, and so it very much is a personal choice.

Mink vs silk eyelash extensions.  Which did you choose?

Let us know below.  We’d love to hear from you.

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