our mission

To make it more seamless and fun for people of color to browse, shop and find beauty products, to create a beauty destination where you are our specialty, not an afterthought, and to enhance our platform and product base to meet the needs of our awesome customers by putting you and your feedback first.

It should be

Just as

easy and enjoyable


people of color

to find beauty


as it is for

everyone else.

our story

It wasn’t until I visited my best friend, Spelman sister (and now COO), who was living in Australia at the time that I decided to commit to my own natural hair “journey”.  My friend had overcome not having any access to beauty supply stores, hairdressers or products, and had YouTube’d her way through her transition phase. So I figured, “If she can go natural here in Australia, then I can commit to this journey back in Chicago.” Lies!

One day, I stopped into my local beauty supply store to purchase conditioner. The store was dark, dingy and unorganized. To make matters worse, an employee asked if I wanted to buy weave after I’d specifically asked for conditioner. Don’t get me wrong: #coilbeauties I love a good weave, but that’s not what I asked for; My inner monologue: “Is that the only product they have to offer to a black woman?” I left—frustrated and dried out—and established Coil Beauty that week. 

I founded Coil Beauty from my own experiences, and from endless research of products made by/for people of color. Who better to create products for us than people who not only understand our needs, but also have those same needs themselves?

The vision of Coil Beauty is to turn the black beauty customer experience on its head. Expect bright and personal touches, expect customer engagement, and expect that we will listen and act on your feedback. Welcome to Coil Beauty. So glad you’re here to shop with us!