Soft Wax vs. Hard Wax: Which One Should You Choose?

Although being one of the most painful methods, waxing is the way to go for so many women.

It is the ultimate choice that can get your hair out of a follicle while leaving you with long-lasting, flawless results. However, when it comes to the type of wax, which way will you sway?

Some women prefer soft, others prefer hard wax, and some still stick to their at-home waxing strips.

If you want to know what is the best solution for your skin type and for your bikini zone, you are exactly where you need to be!

Why Choose Waxing?

Waxing is a preferred and much-loved method for hair removal.

Not only women, but men as well prefer this treatment for some of their body parts.

This is one of the most ancient methods which is very inexpensive, easy to do on your own, but unfortunately, quite painful.

Although both hard and soft wax might cause some mild pain, you can still choose your preferred option by getting to know some pros & cons of both of them.

The Differences Between Soft and Hard Wax

Method Of Application

The application is done with clean hands, preferably by a certified staff who uses gloves.

If you are someone who wants to do this on your own you can also do this step in the privacy of your home.

However, make sure you have all the right tools before proceeding further, such as the wax itself, a wooden stick or a spatula, waxing strips, and a wax heater.

Now, the main difference is that hard wax melts at a lower temperate, and soft wax needs high heat.

Hard wax will harden after it’s applied on top of the skin, but soft wax will stay watery even after the application.

Hard wax won’t demand strips, and you can simply pull it off with your hands, while soft wax will need a couple of waxing strips to successfully lift up from your skin.

Which Is More Comfortable?

Hard wax will harden and stick to your body hair without grabbing the skin, which is not the case with soft wax.

Soft wax sticks to skin and hair, which might feel more painful or unpleasant.

Once you start to pull the wax from the body you should grab the hard wax and pull in the direction of the hair growth.

With soft wax, pull the strips in the opposite direction of the hair growth.

A lot of women often find hard wax to be less painful.

Not only because of the direction of the growth, but also because of the fact that it only clings onto your pieces of hair, and not the skin.

This also means that soft wax might cause some bruises or bleeding, as well as irritation of the skin.

With hard wax, you might experience bleeding, but only if you’ve removed the hair out of its root.

Which Is Easier To Apply?

Soft wax is very liquidy and easy to move around.

It is ideal for larger body parts since it can cling onto the skin easier, unlike the hard wax.

Hard wax might be a bit too stiff, and not that blendable, so you should have a fast, steady, and precise hand.

You can apply both of these with a spatula and spread them out on your desired body part.

Both are still super easy to apply, although they are not recommended for every body part.

Which Wax Will Work The Best On The Bikini Area?

Women often find the soft wax ideal for waxing their larger areas.

Since it is so easily spread and liquid-y, soft wax is recommended for legs, arms, and back.

However, you should use hard wax on your sensitive body parts, such as your bikini area, your face, and your armpits.

It won’t irritate your skin as much, and it might feel more comfortable once pulled off the top of your skin.

The reason why bikini waxes often hurt is because of the hair which is in that place.

Often, hair there is extra thick and coarse, and it also grows in opposite directions, which makes it a bit harder to wax.

Hard Wax: Pros and Cons


  • Hard wax is often less painful than soft wax
  • Doesn’t stick to your skin
  • Grabs shorter hair better
  • Ideal for your face, bikini, and armpits
  • Doesn’t demand any additional tools
  • Can be applied twice on the same spot if needed


  • Not the best option for larger body areas
  • Might break on larger areas
  • Hard to spread out

Soft Wax: Pros and Cons


  • Soft wax sticks to the skin better than hard wax
  • Ideal for larger body parts and quick hair removal method
  • Exfoliates the skin as you pull the strip off of your skin
  • Works great even on longer hair
  • Easy to move around and apply


  • Needs to be applied with a spatula and demands wax strips
  • Cannot be applied twice around the same area
  • Not the best option for smaller body parts, or sensitive skin

So, Soft Wax Vs Hard Wax, Which One’s Right For You?

As you can tell, both of these options are good at removing the hair out of the root.

However, if you need a solution that can remove the hair from the bikini area, it is obvious that hard wax is a lot better.

It won’t irritate your skin as much as soft wax, and it will grab every little piece of hair.

Also, hard wax doesn’t demand any additional tools, and you can simply pull it off of your skin using your hands.

Just make sure you melt it at a lower heat and be confident when spreading it out with a spatula.

Once you master these two steps, you will ace your bikini wax.

Let us know below which one you went with.  We’d love to hear from you.

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