Sunburn Treatment and Aftercare

Getting sunburn is an unpleasant experience, but it happens to the best of us at least once in our lifetime.

One careless moment can leave your body red, and raw, and the aftermath can hurt quite a lot.

Sunburn Aftercare Guide

Although sometimes it may take several hours for the damage to fully appear on our skin, you might not even know that you’ve been injured.

Fear not.  If this does end up happening to you and you want to restore your hydration levels, soothe your skin, and calm down the pain, this article is for you.

What To Do If You Get Sunburn

1. Cool Down

If you are nearby a pool, lake, ocean, or even a cold shower you should hop into it for a few seconds.

Enjoy the cold shower for 1-2 minutes and towel dry your skin.

After that cover yourself up with your clothes and stay away from the sun.

Get to your room and calm down your skin with cold compresses made out of ice or any cold products.

However, never apply these directly onto the skin.

Instead wrap the ice into a sheet, cloth or etc. Hold it on your skin for 10-15 minutes and redo this process at least once more during the day.

2. Moisturize

You will need to restore moisture, and the best way to do that is on slightly damp skin.

You should purchase any lotion that is aloe vera based, or anything that is as natural as possible.

Make sure your aloe vera has no scent, and that it is free of any alcohol.

Also avoid oil-based products, as well as petroleum since these can trap the heat and make your skin feel like it’s burning, which might create an unpleasant feeling or even some additional redness.

Don’t forget to avoid harsh products when taking showers, and to use natural soaps.

Check out our ultimate guide to moisturizing your skin for lots of helpful tips.

3. Medication

Some women that have extremely sensitive skin or awful redness should reach for ibuprofen or aspirin since these can help with the discomfort and the inflammation.

Besides these pills, you can also use a cortisone cream since it helps with redness and swelling.

However, make sure that it is 1% cortisone, and that you purchase it at the pharmacy.

Once you apply the cream or the lotion make sure you let the product sink into the skin.

4. Drink Plenty Of Water

Although it may sound weird, drinking water will help your skin to restore a lot faster and to appear healthier.

You might feel dehydrated and you should drink 1-2 liters (at least) per day.

You can also reach for any healthy and nutritive sports drinks since these can help out with lost electrolytes.

5. No Makeup!

Sun damage can make your skin super-sensitive, flaky, inflamed, red, and itchy.

In order to avoid any possible issues make sure you use the right set of products.

For a while, you should use gentle cleansers on top of your skin, and you should stay away from any face masks, charcoal-based products, acne medication, and harsh toners.

Lastly, don’t cover up the redness with your foundations or powders. These can be really uncomfortable on top of your skin.

6. Wear The Right Clothes

Let your skin breathe and enjoy the breeze by jumping into loose clothing.

Tight clothes are a big no-no because they might press too hard against your skin, causing the inflammation to set along with the fabric.

Uncomfortable clothing can lead to redness, swelling, and blisters.

7. Don’t Peel Or Scratch Your Skin

At one point your skin will start to peel, which means that the healing process is about to begin.

Make sure you are very patient when it comes to this process, and let it happen naturally.

Avoid the urge to pull onto your skin since you might damage it by making unneeded pulling motions.

8. Don’t Pop Those Blisters

Although blisters are not the prettiest thing and are quite uncomfortable you should resist your urge to pop them.

This little bubble of your skin is there to protect the wound, and it will disappear on its own, eventually.

You should be really careful and patient with it, and only take care of it with some unscented aloe vera creams every here and there to calm down the irritation.

Home Remedies for Sunburn

If you want to try out one solution in the comfort of your home you can DIY some skin-soothing recipes.

For instance, unflavored cold yogurt has been known for its enzymes which can soothe your pain.

Apply the yogurt onto clean skin for 5 minutes and then rinse out with cool water. You can finish it off with a lotion or any type of body cream.

Another solution is green tea. It is an ideal choice thanks to its antioxidant compounds which can prevent sunburn.

You can mix the green tea along with some mint tea and dab the created mixture with some cotton balls on top of your skin.

You can redo this process 2-3 times throughout the day.

The antioxidants in green juice might also help.

Wrapping It Up

We really hope you don’t stay in the sun too long, and that you use the correct SPF sunscreen to protect yourself.

If however, you do find yourself a bit on the rosy side, follow our sunburn aftercare guide and you’ll be back to normal in no time.

If you’re not a sun worshiper but you do want a tan you may be considering indoor tanning.  You’ll need to use the correct SPF sunscreen if you go down this route, but at the same time you can speed up your results using a good indoor tanning lotion.

Tanning responsibly is very important, so before you head out into the sun, take a quick look at our tanning guide here for everything you need to know to get a gorgeous healthy glow.  If you use a tingle tanning lotion you should definitely check it out.

If you have any suggestions to add to our sunburn aftercare guide let us know below.  We’d love to hear from you.

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